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Individual Impact

WHY / /
Just as an organisation can’t outperform its culture – none of us can out-perform a limiting self-image.

Today – there are many complex factors and variables that scramble and impede outstanding human performance. Even our best people can/will feel overwhelmed, out of control, fatigued and without sharp focus. The facts are – even the most talented need to replenish their confidence, physical energy, emotional stamina, mental focus and concentration agility to be able to perform at their peak… day after day.

Most of the time – leaders think about the mission the team is on – the goals and targets that have been set. All too often they miss the sustainable human performance component. When we work with a team that is leading a transformation, a merger, or a new product launch – we know that if the individuals and the team don’t have enough mental agility, resilience and adaptability, they will fail.

We have invested the last 16 years in understanding the complexity of human performance – and how to increase the value and impact each person can have… especially – in the face of today’s business world.

WHAT / /
Exec Education – Coaching – Connection
We teach and coach practical, cutting edge human science to help your key leaders and teams engineer their Impact Strategies . We can organise solutions that are remote / face to face and digital – imagine the convenience of a high performance coach in your pocket.

Accelerating Your Impact – Increasing Your Impact is about how one’s physiology – psychology and personal habits all come together as a catalyst for generating high impact relationships and results. The integration of these human elements – and owning the abilities to navigate through each of the 3 levels – is what drives peak human performance and sets our approach apart.
.01 Basically support the system – well.
.02 Adapting the system for change/pressure.
.03 Peak Performance Preparations & Habits.

HOW / /
Let’s talk to co-create exactly what’s relevant for you.
For example:
Stage one: Investigate each leader from a comprehensive range of performance angles including:
_ character & lifestyle habits
_ personality preferences
_ a range of physiological data
_ bio electrical data

Stage two: Executive Education
Confront the reality.
Connect to more productive options.
Test – Practice -Experience the options.
Craft a meaningful plan. Practice some more.
Cement the changes with coaching support

Stage three: 12 months Exec Coaching
Practice what you learn. Debrief from Experience. Adapt and Apply.