Leadership Identity

LEADERSHIP identity [ i.d. ]
12 months of Executive Coaching – the confidence to control your impact.

WHO / /

Do you work with people – lead people?
When people ask you – ‘how are you?’ – do you say; “Really busy.”
Have you recently thought – “I’m doing ok… but there has to be an easier way?”
Would you like to improve your impact with others, your concentration – and – leadership presence?
Are you ready to search inside yourself – to master your physical – emotional – mental – motivational limits?
Are you open to testing your deep beliefs, language and habits about leadership and what really creates lasting impact?

WHY / /
LEADERSHIP is about having impact. More than just the mechanics of a classroom – authentic leadership demands the dynamics of dialogue, debate, and discovery that you only find when challenged with and become immersed in ‘the real world’.

Leadership impact doesn’t just happen – it is a strategic choice –it requires the commitment of preparation and a fearlessness to be yourself. The way you ‘attack’ pressure, the way you respond – as it ‘attacks’ you – reveals your actual LEADERSHIP id. – question is – are you happy with it currently?

Pressure creates abnormal behaviour. Leaders with a strong sense of who they want to be and can be – despite the pressure – are the leaders that we are drawn to.

When clients discover their greatest strengths and clarity of who they want to be.. they learn to capitalise on them to handle stress and work/life challenges – become more stable in EQ, and develop deep relationships and impact with those who matter most. What is your LEADERSHIP i.d?

“Without identity we are an object of history… an instrument used by others, like a utensil. Identity is an assumed role… it is like being in a theater where everyone is given a role to play.” – Joseph Ki-Zerbo

WHAT / /
SEARCH INSIDE YOURSELF –Executive Coaching. The coaching process is designed to create constant discomfort and challenge individuals to discover tools and habits that strengthen their true identity – such that external factors no longer ignite fear, nor limit their potential.

With the foundations laid and practice starts – immersion begins. Practicing how to master emotions and higher order decision making under pressure are vital capacities to sustain in today’s world.

Becoming and staying a leader at the very highest level is uncommon. As a leader – the uncommon ability to provide a sense of stability, caring and safety – as well as – be a source of energy, inspiration and challenge… is the future of leadership capability and skill.

This coaching experience is about:
_ becoming comfortable to be your best self, even under pressure;
_ being an ‘un-common’ human being, that is – a consistently high impact leadership identity.

HOW / / Peru Adventure currently on hold
EXPERIENCE. Develop an extraordinarily capable sense of self and a mindset that is deeply content, connected and calm.

Beginning with your very own personal performance coach to help elevate your mindset – structures and skills– you go onto to experience the unique blend of individual and team challenges trekking often unknown Inca Trails in the Andes and Amazon jungle of Peru.

Practice the art of attention – focus and appreciating the moment [ concentration ] in the mountains. Experience the pressures of decision making at altitude – and the contrasts of very low and suddenly high temperatures. Learn how to willingly absorb the pressure and then utilise it to create a productive impact with those around you.

Live with – and like – the locals. Understand the challenges that plague and test the resolve of local cultures by talking to the story tellers themselves. Be inspired by their stories of innovation, leadership resilience and collective determination.

This final 3 week immersion experience is really a practice laboratory for high impact habits that clients have been learning over the first two stages of the program. A place to safely understand what they they want to keep as part of their core identity and what they want to release into the wild.

Stage 1 INVESTIGATE – once registered as a client for executive coaching, we investigate exactly where they are at physiologically – mentally – lifestyle habits to help determine the priority of your performance areas and relationships for attention.

Stage 2 INNOVATE – we work with you to define the most productive and practical habits that will align with you and your goals – and – that will continue develop and drive a sense of confidence into your DNA that will take you to another level. Specific support and useful tools are provided by your PERIPHERALVISION performance coach over the next six- twelve months of your coaching assignment.

Stage 3 IMPLEMENT– during stage 2 – we invite willing participants to apply for the experience and pressures of the Leadership id adventure. [ currently suspended due to COVID] Successful coachee’s meet in the Andes mountains of Peru – [ or other adventure challenge location ] – to complete the final LEADERSHIP id project and challenge. This learning experience will test participants personal and collective mettle, their physical endurance, strength of mind and emotional resilience and yet leave them with an enduring sense of identity and how to pursue the development of that identity over time.

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“This [ the LEADERSHIP id Adventure – PERU] was truly an amazing experience for me – from the preparation phase – having to get physically and emotionally ready… through to the actual trip itself – the challenges of altitude, the mountains and the people of the Sacred Valley… and then – even after getting home from Peru, the insights and lessons have held. Fantastic program guys – fantastic. This is a great experience for seasoned executives or even ‘up and coming’ talent.” GM – INNOVATION ANZ BANKING GROUP LIMITED

“As a woman running a business, you are often presented with complex challenges – sometimes on a daily basis – that test the belief that you have in yourself and what you are doing as a leader. Working through the LEADERSHIP id. program was extremely tough and at the same time – extremely rewarding. My performance coach and the trail guides are very good at empowering people to push their beliefs, boundaries and to own their decisions. I have gained an enormous amount of self confidence, perspective and resilience as a result of this experience. Thank you.” BE – Charity CEO

OTHER ADVENTURE DESTINATIONS [ Ask us how we can design and build a unique LEADERSHIP id adventure to suit your business. ]