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Our People

GLEN FISHER Founder and Chief Performance Officer at PV. All the blurb aside – i just love helping people to search inside themselves – to see the latent capacity and then – take it out for a test run in the real world to see/hear and feel the impact. Pushing boundaries : Accelerating performance – that’s it!
SHARON SIBTHORPE Director of Movement. I love it when our clients learn how to think differently about utilizing movement for better concentration, physical agility and mood management in order to gain the performance edge in the today’s world.
LAYNE STRETTON Performance Coach Glen and I have worked together for many years now and it has been such a pleasure to apply everything we know about mindset – nutrition-movement-recovery into the lives of so many different industries and with so many diverse clients.
BRONWEN EDWARDS I am the queen of program logistics and administration for our clients and the amazing PV team.

Jose Montoya Bravo PV ‘LEADERSHIP i.d.’ adventure experience leader on the ground – and- in the high altitudes of amazing Andean Mountains in South America. I want to make sure my Peruvian home – feels like your home – at all times.

FREDDIE I am the local Leadership id trail guide in Peru. I love to make our clients laugh heavily – and- recover their soul in one of the most beautiful and intriuging places on the planet – the Inca Trail.
DENIS GUGLIOTTI I am one of the longest serving members of the PV family and work on specialty projects with clients discovering how to future proof their business – and- sharpening strategic intent.
MOJO Apprentice Performance Coach I use my performance mindset to persuade the team into frequent movement breaks by letting them scratch my ‘Mojo Spot’ – and – throw a tennis ball great distances. It seems to make them happy so I continue to chase it for them.
LORENZO PV Shaman in Peru I love the joy people experience learning to connect to Andes mountains and more importantly – to themselves during the Leadership id program.
RICARDO H. SANCHEZ TUCTO I lead the PV Leadership adventures into the pristine environment of the Manu River – Amazon Basin – Peru. I help people to ‘see’ differently and learn how to ‘see’ more of what is already in front of them.
SEAN CORNISH Director of Nutrition From an early age I have had a massive passion for both nutrition and movement – so helping clients increase their impact by applying our strategies is very cool.
Zambezi. Apprentice Recovery Coach I’m in charge of the recovery systems around here. I like to test the latest sleep enhancement tools and techniques – interspersed with high intensity movement with Mojo. together – we pretty much keep the rest of them in shape. Later dawgz…