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Our products will push your boundaries...

High Performers are always searching for an ‘edge’.

At PERIPHERAL VISION, we specialize in helping clients to apply pioneering human science – in pursuit of that ‘edge’.


We offer Two Primary Solutions in this space – with the possible option of engineering these primary products to more specifically suit your needs and demands.

01. The Elite Executive // Is a scientifically engineered Client Experience that improves Human Performance on three levels –

.01 Foundation function
.02 Optimize individual performance
.03. Drive peak performance in the most vital events that make up your world.

– Typically delivered through a combination of a Facilitated Workshops, Executive Coaching and if your budget allows it – practical Digital Tools for your mobile devices enabling easy reference tools, enhanced learning, greater performance consistency and follow through.

02. LEADERSHIP id [ identity ] //
Our premier Performance Engagement experience with clients is the Elite Executive program – blended together with our 22 day Leadership Identity Adventure program. When leaders, identified talent and executives want to move to yet another level – to search even deeper inside of themselves – they choose to join us on one of our Leadership Identity Adventures. Contact us today us for more info.


We offer – co-created – Performance Projects that specifically suit your team needs, drivers and demands – that are matched with our specialist capabilities.

01. TEAM dna // A practical blend of the Elite Executive program – and – designing a winning TEAM using our structured tools and frameworks. Facilitating deliberate choices in design of Team Character Identity – Strategy/Structures – Code of Conduct and Desired Performance Results.
[ the TEAM dna ]

A typical project is delivered over 12-24 months through a combination of Facilitated Team Workshops; Team Coaching; Individual Executive Coaching and utilizing various profiling tools where it suits the client need.


SPECIFICALLY co-created – Performance Projects that fit your Cultural needs, drivers and demands, and… that are matched with our specialist capabilities. These capabilities include:

01. Cultural Catalyst // Often this means we are working with multiple teams and partnering with your existing Service Partners [ internal and/or external ] to help provide the Solution that ‘best fits’ your Culture’s unique performance character.

Not only does this cultural project lift individual engagement and productivity – it will be the catalyst for creativity and innovation within many teams and across your whole business for a very unique competitive edge.

02. PEAK PERFORMANCE BOOSTERS // Working with Specific Teams on ‘Must Win’ events – e.g. – a product launch – sales pitch – transformation project – critical negotiations – important presentations – or other crucial events. Contact us today for more info. glen fisher +61 410 42 42 43 or
[email protected]