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Words from those who know us best.

Success for us is seeing our clients develop into confident; connected and capable leaders.

Great feedback for sure - yet with a growth mindset - we believe there's always room to improve.

This [ the LEADERSHIP id Adventure – PERU] was truly an amazing experience for me – from the preparation phase – having to get physically and emotionally ready… through to the actual trip itself – the challenges of altitude, the mountains and the people of the Sacred Valley… and then – even after getting home from Peru, the insights and lessons have held. Fantastic program guys – fantastic. This is a great experience for seasoned executives or even ‘up and coming’ talent.” GM ANZ BANKING GROUP
“I love the way that you have not only influenced the mindset and habits of my team – you have infused a whole new language by which we can operate and support each other. Even as we began to set the Sustainable High Performance project up – so before we did anything specific – I could see the change in behaviour. We have a massive agenda for delivery this year and we are managing to stay right on top it and without the visible signs of fatigue that we are used to around here. UNIVERSITY CIO 12 MONTHS LATER // “Seriously, when you look at the amount and the size of projects that we delivered in this year – it is insane. Most of them went in without a hitch – and that is a credit to this team and the way they committed to the work, built their resilience as individuals, the way that they communicated and worked together as team.
“Just wanted to say thanks, and provide feedback that I thought you ran a truly great leadership program. For me, it was one of the most interesting I have been on due to the structure, unique location and the great people we completed the experience with. I have been on a number of leadership development programs and initiatives in my career, and felt yours was ‘right out there’ as one of the very best. The best because it tackles issues not typically talked about in relation to performance – the sustainability of top talent. I can honestly say I really look forward to working with you guys in the future. I can see you are making a huge difference on the CX transformational journey.” CATHAY PACIFIC EXEC.
“Firstly, on a personal note let me thank you for the great experience you had arranged for us. I truly enjoyed it. As a matter of fact this was the best offsite experience I have ever had!!! The content, the location, the accommodation, the food, and the activities were perfect for what we needed to achieve in our TEAM dna. I do feel we could have even had another day – as you suggested – and cement the tools and habits discussed. Let’s build it into the process. I believe the next session should be along the same principles. I like the idea of always blending the 4 performance pillars in experiences– e.g. hiking the Abel Tasman (or like) National Park stopping on the way in different places to get into the performance detail. I am very keen to catch up with you to debrief the offsite, discuss where we are at as a team, and understand what is next.” NZ BANKING CIO

A better team mindset // effective preparation for key events // reduced brain fog // more resilience from stress // the ability to do more with less time // a sharper mind // better health // decreased fatigue // reduced sick leave // more competitive edge in business // increased motivation // more energy // more confidence // and higher creativity.

Ultimately, this clearly leads to better leaders, better talents and better teams. 

“Dealing with the extreme nature of my job I feel much better equipped with the tools and the techniques I learned from PERIPHERALVISION. I feel myself, and the team, have more energy and focus. I just feel better. They feel better. We just make better choices and have better relationships now. The PERIPHERALVISION experience has made a big difference to me and my team – and I don’t say that lightly.” CEO INVESTMENT & FINANCE COMPANY

2 YEARS LATER THE SAME CEO SAID // “When my team worked with PERIPHERALVISION two years ago we were struggling to stay together as a team and that was impacting the business big time. Now, two years later, the demands are greater, the speed is faster, the stakes are higher and my team is running stronger than ever. You guys had a big part in this transformation. What I had tried previously – just couldn’t do it.”

“And just let me say, you guys rock. I truly believe in what you guys are doing. It has changed my life for the better. I have gotten more from the way you have structured this course [ Sustainable High Performance for individuals ] than possibly all other courses I have completed. Your approach is so simple and pragmatic and, it has a massive impact on personal energy, confidence and performance. If I can ever do anything to assist your cause just let me know.” TECHNOLOGY EXECUTIVE

“Completing the preparation and training was one thing, then trekking the Andes was another, and then – a completely contrasting experience, the Amazon jungle. After the challenges of altitude and the trail through the mountains, and trying to communicate with non-english speaking people and kids of the Sacred Valley, I wasn’t sure of what to expect and more importantly, what I might gain from the jungle. Almost from the very first moment you hit the river, the isolation is obvious to say the least and nothing like I have experienced before. To sit in a long, timber boat with sides only centimetres from the rapid waters of the mighty Manu river, in the middle of no-where, smack bang in the middle of a tropical thunder storm is truly an exhilarating experience. Even though we were a small collective group, I found many moments where I was entirely alone – alone with my thoughts – and for the first time, I began to understand many of the self-imposed limits that I had created for myself. Perhaps a little slow on the uptake – I am now more mindful and a regular user of many of the tools that I learnt in the Performance phase. You have unlocked something – even more potential in myself – that I wasn’t aware existed.” MANAGING DIRECTOR.

“The one thing that you guys don’t understand about what you do, is that you actually save lives – in particular – you saved my life. Seriously. Thank you!” ANZ TECHNOLOGY EXECUTIVE

“Just a note on the Leadership id Project – I think it’s been a really great opportunity that I have been provided with – to learn more about myself, my passion, my capacity and, my capabilities as a leader. I have appreciated the style, pace and particularly challenging approach taken within the context of the project. I recognise that this approach won’t be for every leader and some may not appreciate the opportunity they’ve been given, but from me – simply – thank you. I have grown as a person through this and been able to apply the learning’s inside and outside of work more than I could have understood prior to beginning. I really hope the project continues way beyond the current adventure – I feel we’re only just beginning.” ANZ EXECUTIVE